Monday, 3 January 2011

fresh and new

it has been a very long time since i've written here. i figured it's a new year, what the heck?

i am no longer making donuts. waking up at 3 & 4 am really took it's toll on my body and spirit. i'm not a young thing, i need my sleep. even though i have left the yeast and glaze behind, i have nothing but positive vibes from the experience. i am so thankful for the people i met and got to know there. good people. people who made me a better person and my life a better place. i learned a lesson that only living in the moment could have taught me.

thankful is the spirit i want manifested as a start to this new year. i am so very thankful for what my life is and what is in it.

our theme for 2010 was "simplify" and i think we did a great job on follow through. we moved from 2000 sq ft to 1100. we got rid of even more stuff during that move. we are now down to the bare minimum in the area of material possessions (although i will confess that my dear, sweet and perfect husband gifted me with a macbook pro AND a new flat screen tv for our anniversary and christmas). the kids are not always joyful living so small and i am sympathetic. our dreams are not always theirs.

i want to continue with simplicity for 2011, but i want to add gratitude, peace and joy.